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Michelle Murray is an International Reverend and Metaphysician*. She is the Founder of Wise Up, Rise Up and The Center of Spiritual Studies. Michelle is able to work with clients on a multi-dimensional level. As a natural mystic and as a psychic/medium, she infuses her intuitive gifts with her coaching methods. This dynamic blend seems to be the magic mixture. She calls it "Enlightened Empowerment". Others have been known to describe Michelle as:

       Metaphysician   Empowerment Coach   Reverend   Mystic     Mentor

She teaches you how to stop living in the ego and how to lead from the heart. She teaches you how to embrace a life that feels right to you, regardless of how it looks to others. She assists you to go beyond your limitations. The focus is "Empowerment in Motion, Michelle describes it as, "a guide to assist clients through life’s challenges and changes. Every coaching session is unique. I counsel others so they can attain clear thinking in their lives. Frequently emotional issues and confusing situations are the result of a disconnection between one's heart (soul center) and the mind. The mind takes over with fears and others opinions creating confusion and disharmony in the body. Rediscover and reconnect with the true self. This process honors everyone's path knowing that every path is valuable and that each individual aligns themselves in the most harmonious way."

*So just what is a Metaphysician? It is a Doctor who makes transformations in the physical world through metaphysical (nonphysical) practices. Metaphysicians work with metaphysical laws. Working with these laws allows one to change the reality of their lives by working with the nonphysical to change the physical. In my experience, the best Metaphysicians are the ones who have not only studied but have also been in the trenches. Michelle found her way to Metaphysics through tragedy, abuse, loss, confusion and everything in  between. She yearned for deeper answers, to not identify with all that was happening, rather to understand it. And thus the journey began…. ​

Podcast on Michelle

A short and powerful example of what working with Michelle is like and can do  

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